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Back to Knitting!

After 3 months of she shed projects and terrible heat, today is a stunning day even though I'm stuck working inside. It's nice to have this break, especially from the humidity. I woke up early, planted a boxwood and put mothballs under the she shed, since that's what people do to ward off snakes, mice… Continue reading Back to Knitting!


So hot out! Let’s get a fireplace!

When the she shed arrived in April there were a few cool nights still so I brought out a space heater - which was good enough, but not great. It gets quite chilly in NC at times. so something better was needed. This building doesn't have insulation, but it does have thick Hardie board plank… Continue reading So hot out! Let’s get a fireplace!

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The Tiny Workshop – My She Shed – Part 3

It's been a fun week working on the tiny workshop after the husband completed the interior painting with a sprayer. Painting was my birthday gift - and it was the best gift. The gift of someone's time and effort. We ordered Zinser exterior paint in the 5 gallon bucket and he ran out, probably because… Continue reading The Tiny Workshop – My She Shed – Part 3