Crochet · Neckwear

Taxes and stuff

Today I am getting a gift ready for my accountant. Normally I dread the accountant, and I lose a ton of sleep at tax time. This past year I sold a business and braced myself for the worst, but it never came. This accountant was more informed and found things I never knew I could claim, so now we will go back a few years and clean up mistakes my old accountant failed to mention. I owe her my sanity, my restful nights and this little gift I made for her over the weekend. The scarf is Misti Baby Alpaca and the stick is from leftover dollhouse woods and the Celtic knot is from earrings someone gave me (not knowing I can’t wear noisy dangles with my hearing aids because it’s maddening) that I took apart.

I am going to go there tomorrow, and I hope she likes it.

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