Wollmeise colors are divine

I just can’t help it. When someone says, “Wollmeise.” I say, “Yes, please.”

This stuff has colors I’ve never seen anywhere. I don’t know how people are able to part with it from their own stash, but they do. I’ve seen them list it as a yarn they’ll trade or sell. Nope. Can’t fathom it. I find it hard to even “spend it” on a project.

I just want to keep it, pristine and looking just like this:

Basket of Wollmeise

2 thoughts on “Wollmeise colors are divine

  1. I TOTALLY know what you mean… I have some that I can’t quite bring myself to knit with – pet? yes. oogle? of course. KNIT??! BLASPHEMY, I tell you! Glad you got your shiney new blog up and running. 😉

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