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New sweater for the new job…

I landed a very nice new job, down the road and perfect hours. I know I’m a lucky duck with this crummy economy, so I’m very thankful. It was a lengthy hiring process though, so I worked on this sweater while I did everything they asked me to.  I really like it and it’s not very heavy. This photo is before blocking.

The Simplest Sweater by Juliette Romeo Juliette knit in Berroco Vintage with Koigu stripes.

Blue Sweater
Blue Sweater

2 thoughts on “New sweater for the new job…

  1. Nice. I’m thinking about making this sweater for me but with KP Swish Tonals – same weight right? I like the coloring on the top half, makes it really stand out. Thanks for sharing. I made one sweater for my son (who most likely has grown out of it, and that was piece worked) so hopefully this one goes a little better…

  2. I’m not sure about the Swish Tonal, I never tried that one yet. This yarn pills quite a bit, so I hear if you get a washable yarn it may not do that so much. I wish I knew that at the beginning.

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