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Revontuli Shawl in Black & Red

This was a nice relaxing knit. I heard it was boring, but I found it to be nice while watching TV after the first section was completed. Took about a week of knitting with a few other projects in the mix. Here is a link to the pattern and the yarn was similar to Kauni, but called Teksrena Knitting Yarn.

Revontuli Shawl in Black & Red
Revontuli Shawl in Black & Red

2 thoughts on “Revontuli Shawl in Black & Red

  1. Hi,

    I have bought the original yarn for this project as I didn’t want to worry about running out.
    I am an inexperienced knitter and am struggling to understand the pattern. I have tried plugging it into Excel to understand it better but that hasn’t helped either.
    Can you help?

  2. I always have way extra of any yarn I need before I start a project because I worry about running out too. But if I could give any advice on this shawl, it would be to go to the author and ask any questions (her blog is here) or join and in that group they give pattern support and break down the pattern, charts and issues one by one in discussions. I hope that’s helpful.

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