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Beginning beading

I took a class at a local bead shop last week and learned some basic techniques to beading. I had a lot of beads and some were genuine stones, like aquamarine and pearls, but it felt like they were wasted sitting in small bags. They were very nice about me having some of my own beads, and I bought some small crystals, wires, a clasp and spacers. I had enough of everything left over, so it made sense to make earrings to match the bracelet. FANTASTIC!

Aquamarine & crystals set
Aquamarine & crystals set

A few of the local knitters went to the bead store today and we met there, then had lunch after. I picked up some different findings, but I had to catch myself a few times getting crazy. It still was a little expensive to me, but maybe because I’m not a seasoned pro. On yarn, I rarely use the word expensive because, well – it’s yarn.

Some stitch markers made today…

Simple stitch markers
Simple stitch markers

These are for a friend who is going through a tough time right now and could use something spiritual. I will send them out Monday.

Coral, pink & charms
Coral, pink & charms

I really like playing with all the beads, but with dollhouses, sewing, crocheting and knitting… is there really a need for another hobby? Yes, I think there is. 🙂

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