Wollmeise collecting

I’ll call it ‘collecting’ because I have a plan for it and I keep it neat. Since the vendor will only let you buy one skein in any color at a time, and it sells out in minutes (flying right out of your online shopping cart and all) it’s taking me a while to get some of the colors I need. For the work it takes to get it, it’s a little hard to spend it on a project.

Wollmeise Collection
Wollmeise Collection

4 thoughts on “Wollmeise collecting

  1. Hint: if you buy it directly from the dyer Claudia, you can buy as many skeins as you like in any color at the same time! Easier to match that way, and a bit cheaper too.

  2. Unfortunately, that’s the policy at the Loopy Ewe. I bought it from Germany and there was no limit, but it goes so fast that in the race to check out by the time I’m about to pay the yarns I added to my cart are now “unavailable”. I would love a sweater, but it’s taking a long time to collect enough of one color. Sadly, I’m not a small. 😦

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