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Transatlantic – Camp Loopy Project #1

After a good deal of persuasion, my knitting frond convinced me to join Camp Loopy for the summer. What a nice idea and I bet it’s a huge revenue generator for the shop. I’ve never been there, but with all their personal touches to my mail order, I feel like I have – and I look forward to shopping there now on a regular basis.

Part of the fun of Camp Loopy is that every participant has a time frame to complete each of the 3 projects and then must upload them to the store’s gallery. At the end, campers who played in all three contests and completed the tasks in a timely manner, win a kit of something wonderful. How could I miss out?

Project #1 – Transatlantic Shawl

Transatlantic Shawl
Transatlantic Shawl

Knit in Malabrigo Sock (Boticelli Red & Cordovan), slightly modified pattern from Westknits

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