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Angry Birds Sombrero

No pattern – These are basically hackey sacks and embellishments were added using crochet, embroidery, felt and wiggly eyes. I tried a few things, so some of the birds in the pics weren’t quite what I was going for but I’m going to just use all the ones with the wiggly eyes. They’re my favorites. I’m going to need to make the black and white bird though. Looks too empty. So I’ll be doing that this week.

What is this? This is a working Angry Birds game mounted to an over-sized sombrero  for an annual hat contest at my office. I have to defend my title. Last year I won but only entries to a sweepstakes they had. Since just about everyone else there is also entered, there isn’t really any prize unless you win the sweepstakes. Bummer, I know.

How does it stay on? The black hat part is a cowboy hat with the top of the hat cut off and angled like a graduation hat to keep it level. Fits great.

I will post final pics of the full sombrero after the contest because this is really big and I can’t get a good photo of it by myself. Wish me luck! 🙂

Some construction pictures…

OK, I won 1st place – What did I get? Entries into a sweepstakes, so nothing actually. Still was kinda fun. Now what do I do with the hat?



Used again when Angry Birds Mexico came out and added some new birds. LOL.


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