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Florida Keys and knitting




I don’t know if people knit here because my public knitting, which not many people bat an eye to at home, has gotten some weird looks and bizarre comments. At a lunch spot, “Are you knitting? Will you teach me? I’ll call you the sweater lady.” Then from a woman down at the beach with her friend, “Is she knitting?” The other replied, “Don’t look at it. It looks too much like work.”

No matter the reaction, I knit everywhere I go because it makes me happy.

7 thoughts on “Florida Keys and knitting

  1. Green, green with envy, love the Keys and yes I took my knitting there, last time I was there, found a lovely yarn shop right down in Key West, near where you get the trolley ride, is it still there?

  2. There was a yarn shop in Key West when I was down there a few years ago. I thought it was called Key West Yarn, but when I searched, I got Knit Wits of Key west, that website now takes you to a Japanese Dating site. !! A further search shows a yarn shop at the same address in 2010. Knit and Nest, 218 Whitehead St, Key West, 305 295 7565, but I don’t really know if it still exists.

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