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Thanksgiving may be over, but I’m still thankful

Over the years I’ve learned to simplify my Thanksgiving a bit by using more out of the box foods and enjoying the meal more. I still spend time on certain things, but I’ve let go of a few things that seemed like they weren’t worth the time I was putting into them. This year we did Stove-Top Stuffing, Pillsbury biscuits, and took our guests up on the offer to bring the dessert. Just these few things saved us a ton of time. I still ironed all the linens the night before, cooked for hours and have a gabillion pieces of china and silver to put away, but I felt like it was easier. I enjoyed it more. It was a nice day, too.

Oh, I forgot to post a hat a co-worker asked me to make from a little picture she found online. I don’t have a pattern for it – I just “winged” it. It was kind of fun to figure it out – a bit like a puzzle. I She was really happy with it, so that was fun.

Did you know Vanna’s Choice in the color Honey is the perfect golden brown color for turkey skin? Now you know.

Turkey Butt Hat
Turkey Butt Hat
Side View
Side View

Then she modeled it for me. 🙂

Turkey Butt Hat in Crochet
Turkey Butt Hat in Crochet

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