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Espresso Shawl

This is for me, the Holden Shawlette in Malabrigo sock inn a rich brown called Cordovan.

I did some math before I began and extended the body of the shawl to…
119 + 1 + 119 ending on the RS row, and on the next WS row, added an inc to each side near the shawl’s edges to give me: 120 + 1 + 120.

This count worked for omitting the k1 on each side of that center lace section because it looked odd to me, like a mistake. The pattern went a little smoother when I could stop thinking about that along each side as I did on the one I made before.

This gave me 9 even lace sections on each side and I used stitch markers between each and added new ones as my increases made new sections. I found that very helpful. I changed the cast off to a crochet one because I didn’t like doing the knit picot one. Even though I had a lot of mods, I enjoyed this pattern very much.




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