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Blue Memory Shawl

As part of Camp Loopy 2012, here is my Project #1. A crocheted shawl and the pattern is Recuerdos de infancia (Childhood Memories?). Easy and quick. I will make another with this pattern at some point.

First I made it in Loopy Ewe Solid Series in a baby blue called ‘sky’…

After much consideration, I decided it was too pastel for me, so into the pot it goes! The dye is royal blue acid dye from KnitPicks.

I like it much better now. I pulled the center parts over the side of the pot after a short time, leaving the ends in longer.

One thought on “Blue Memory Shawl

  1. I’m a knitter – but might switch over to the other side after seeing your GORGEOUS shawl!! Absolutely love it and the new dye job just makes it SING!

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