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Playing in the China Hutch

During a recent visit to my father’s he mentioned a dish set he wanted to part with that came off his sailboat, which he no longer has. He said it was heavy, crazing, chipped and not very manly – Did I want it? YES! I love dishes, glassware, baking things, etc.

At the risk of sounding snobby, my “good dishes” are down right out of date. They may have always been out of date, but over the years I’ve built up a good set of this cheap stuff with not a very elegant name either, “GOLD STANDARD PINK ROSES JAPAN”, but I guess one could say I have difficulty parting with things that aren’t broken or damaged.

My old dishes are from a grocery store. The kind where you get points or little tickets towards buying them. My neighbor sold them to me at her garage sale for $8 in 1986 with only service for 5 1/2 and none of the special pieces. So when I say “good dishes” I probably should explain. Once I found eBay, I found these dishes and people were unloading them at great prices so I built up quite an amount and just accepted that these were my special occasion dishes. But I really didn’t like them much.

What do you think? Too new looking to toss, right? And service for 14 plus the extra pieces now!!!! 


So anyway…. When I was offered something old, chintz-like and not pink – I said, “Yes!” and took them home straight away and hand washed and dried them and emptied out my mess of a hutch immediately.


I love it now. I have fewer pieces so I can display them and actually see them. No more stacking them all over each other. Very pretty.



The blue ones on the bottom shelf are another old set Lochs of Scotland. As for the old Gold Standard Pink Flower Japan dishes, well, if you know me then you won’t be a bit surprised – I’m keeping them. But down in the buffet cabinet in case 14 people actually do ever show up for an impromptu formal dinner.

I still can’t believe they had all of these on a sailboat for decades as their dinner dishes!

One thought on “Playing in the China Hutch

  1. Love, love, love all the dishes. I had a vast assortment of another grocery store give-away dish pattern. When the youngest got an apartment, they went off with him and disappeared. Yippee!!!

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