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Shawl of Coins & Cables

LOVED this cabling pattern – very relaxing but not so much that it was boring. It was a free pattern on, Coin Lace and Cable Wrap by Shui Kuen Kozinski and the yarn is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool, 717.0 yards (655.6m) went into this and it took near 6 weeks working on it daily. Very warm but breathable.

Cabled Shawl
Cabled Shawl

3 thoughts on “Shawl of Coins & Cables

  1. Hi Michelle, i am more in love with this shawl then when i first saw it. even thought we live in Florida too, the building i work in is freezing. i know it will be the talk of the office the first time i wear it — so excited. your website is AWESOME. for the past 3 hours i am mesmerized bt it. Jennifer

  2. Hi, Michele,
    I ADORE this shawl and would LOVE to make it! Do you have this pattern to sell, or do you know where I could get it? This shawl is exactly what I’ve been looking for, to wear with all my dresses and skirts, for special occasions. Most other cabled shawls are too thick and heavy, but this one seems light but still warm.
    Please send me any information that you may have – or how and where to purchase this pattern. Thanks!!!


  3. Thank you – The link for Elann is in the post above, so you can ask them if the pattern is still available.

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