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Sewing with scraps and fat quarters

Like most people who craft, you have extra. Extra leftover bits of pretty much everything. For me, it’s usually fabric and small balls of yarn. Often it’s not enough to make anything significant, but I’ve been trying a few project bags with what’s left.

This one was for a friend’s birthday and since this FREE pattern uses strips, I was able to make one for each pf us using all sorts of leftovers. The brown fabric is very cool because it looks a bit leathery but is very soft flexible fabric. I think the leather effect is a coating, but I love it. I don’t remember where all these fabrics are from, but probably Joann’s or Etsy since that’s where I shop for fabric.

This is is a simple one that I made up with what I had on hand. The beads are glass and really pretty leftovers from the Intergalactic Bead show in town. I know what you’re thinking, “Beaders from other galaxies come to that show?” – YES, I’m pretty sure they do. It’s worth the trip.

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