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Going to visit my sister

I have some downtime, so I’m going to visit my sister for just a couple of days. We have a nice time. She papercrafts and I fibercraft and we just basically do that for a few days and visit. It’s a nice time and I can knit like the wind for days on end. Last time I went, for only 3 days, I made a sweater – A WHOLE SWEATER! I just packed yarn, no pattern and tried it on sometimes. It’s a little too warm, but I love it.

This is the Crumbleberry Sweater…

Crumbleberry Sweater

I’ m worried more about what to pack as far as knit or crocheting goes. I worry I’ll get my best needles confiscated, but hate the idea of using needles I don’t enjoy working with. (I’m trying not to check a bag, since I have to switch flights quite a bit and I have lost luggage before). My best needles really could double as weapons, so I will try to find something less noticeable by the TSA.

My sister asked for a cable knit slouch hat, so I plan to work on that as soon as I hit the road that day and plan to leave that behind when I head home. That made me realize from the yarns I leave behind in the hat, it makes room for a smidgeon of NEW yarn to take it’s place in my bag on the trip back. Doesn’t it? Yes, it does. I have a yarn collecting problem – I will admit it – but I am beyond help. Everyone close to me who has been inside my yarn space wouldn’t dare to initiate an intervention because they’re either as stash addicted as I am, or they know better. People who have no concept of yarn stash are not allowed in the yarn room and it’s usually shut if they visit.

So, as a yarn-crazed lunatic, I plan what I’ll need for 5 days….

1. Drive to airport knitting
2. Airport knitting
2. Plane knitting
3. Connecting flight downtime crochet
4. Plane crochet
5. 5 days of projects while she scrapbooks
6. Drive to airport knitting
7. Airport Knitting
8. Plane knitting
9. Connecting flight downtime crochet
10. Plane crochet
11. Drive back to the house knitting
12. Some clothes and a scrunchie

Sounds like a plan.

2 thoughts on “Going to visit my sister

  1. Your funny! Have fun. I wish I could knit as fast as you. You must be a continental knitter. Last time my sister and I spent time together we quilted…We had a great time. She is in NJ so we dont get to do that much.

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