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More train crochet – Diamond Exchange Scarves

Wow, these 2 days a week on the train are really turning out to be a great thing. The only downside can be the delays. Sometimes as long as an hour, but I’ve never met a knittor or crocheter who minds a wait as long as they have a project bag with them. I’m no exception. My kids are grown, so no one misses me if I’m a little late but so far, and I haven’t really experienced a huge delay – or 90+ degree heat yet – but for now, I’m a happy train commuter tapping my feet and moving my crochet hook in time to some tunes. Life is good.

Find it in my Etsy shop
Find it on Ravelry

Here are my Diamond Exchange Scarf offerings, which are for sale in my Etsy shop.

To find out more about the pattern or yarns used, please visit my Ravelry profile.

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