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Irish Chevron Scarf

Back in Summer 2013, we visited Ireland and I found some souvenir yarns. I wanted a project where I was able to use them all but living in Florida – a broiling Aran sweater doesn’t make much sense. Settling on a free chevron scarf pattern by Claire Mitchell, I used my yardage counter and divided up the yarn so I wouldn’t have to count any rows, since we would be driving in the car and I get quite car sick enough, thank you. Five color skeins were divided by 2 for two large stripes of each. The cream white was divided by 10 to make nine smaller stripes between the colors plus some fringe. No row counting. Love that. Finished, it measures 108″ including fringe. Love the colors, but the yarn was a bit itchy. I will try blocking it again with a better soaking agent when I find one (recommendations are welcome!).