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Another Cabled Hat

Don’t you just love cables? I sure do! I have no idea why either. I’ve made the Plaits and Pines hat before, so you may have seen it already in my Ravelry projects. That time I held yarn double, but never again for cables. It made things more fidgety and slowed me down a little too much. Cables already slow a project down enough – ThankYouVeryMuch.


The wool is Shalimar Yarns Breathless DK ($32 a skein!!! – crazy, but it feels like buttah in yer hands) in the color Glacier and there are 2 extra repeats to the body to make it a slouch. So the body measured 7.5 inches in the DK yarn.

This time I did a removable Pom, for easy washing. The way I make it removable, is just to keep the long piece of yarn used to secure the pm, don’t cut it – then pull each one of these pieces down through the hat in different places and tie with a tight bow inside. Untie the pom before washing, as poms often become a mess in the wash. That’s it.

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