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Alcova Scarf

Cables? YES! The more the merrier. This piece is the hottest thing in my wardrobe these days. It’s springy, soft and feels so good on the skin. I was happy to have it a few weeks ago when we had a 9″ snowfall. Wore it to fill my bird feeders and walk the dog. I was the best dressed neighbor in my pajamas, winter coat and scarf. Then I went to a holiday craft party and wore it how it is in the first photo with a Christmas pin – very festive!
With my arthritic thumb this was a challenge, but worth it, and in this wool it’s just perfection. I had to wear my night cast for my hand every night and a few times wasn’t recovered enough by morning to pick up the knitting. Arthritis is a dirty little scoundrel. In crochet, I can hold the hook without my thumb and avoid the pain, but in knitting I need my thumb to keep the stitches from falling off the needle so it hurts the most.
Anyway, If I made it again, I might choose a natural colorway – maybe oatmeal?
The pattern is by Megan Nodecker, and was in the magazine Interweave Knits Holiday in 2017. Knit in Ravelry Red Malabrigo Rios wool for Christmas. The Runa Penannular Brooch, by Jul, can be found at Jimmy Beans currently.