Painting Gourds

The North Carolina Gourd Society holds an annual fall festival where I took 2 classes and was schooled on various things from people who know so much about gourds! Did you know there’s a wood clay/putty that you can shape into a nose and just stick it right on your gourd’s face? Now we both now. BTW it’s called Quikwood Epoxy Putty.

I made the Santa in one of the classes in 2017 and he weighs nearly nothing and looks quite festive. He has the Quikwood added for his 3-D features and this was a handy thing to learn because now all the gourds seem to get some. In 2018 I went to a local club a few times and was encouraged to enter any gourds in the next festival where he won a ribbon in the beginner’s holiday category. Before you get all excited, he may have been the only entry.


While I was at the first festival I purchased already-cleaned gourds to paint and made this penguin in a knit hat. He’s my 2nd gourd and I had to cut off part of his top because it wasn’t pretty what was growing there. He picked up a 3rd place ribbon. Not too shabby.


Then a 4th place but I think the green ribbon looks great with the weird ghoul’s  complexion.


The club had an ornament exchange so I made a hot air balloon that I did enjoy making.

This is a fake pumpkin bought at Michael’s for $5 when they have sales in October and a Santa hat that doesn’t fit anyone in the house. I was painting this face on a real pumpkin every year because my oldest loves the movie and thought to do it one last time. Matte coated it well so it should last years.




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