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The Tiny Workshop – My She Shed

I’ve decided that a tiny workshop is in order to take my messy crafts outdoors. The Mr has his HUGE one, so how about my own spot? I don’t like the phrase ‘she shed’ for some reason because it’s a working place, a maker’s room, a workshop for sure. I made my sketch, sent it off and then it seemed to go full-speed into county zoning forms, finding a shed-guy who could make one on our slope of a yard and while all that was going on – I starting crafting – HARD.

Being determined not to buy things, because if I go rustic, I’ve got everything I need.

First, I needed a table which someone was parting with locally:


Cleaned, sanded lightly to remove the varnish only from the top.  Stained the top dark, chalk paint on the legs. I’m not kidding – 1 Saturday and this much was all finished. Hardest part was walking away and waiting for finishes to dry.



Then the fun part. I really don’t want much fabric in the tiny workshop, since it will be outside, with no a/c or heat and may take on odors – but I knew I wanted a doily. I had a 1/4 stencil, not the easiest way to do it, but it worked. I love it.


I first brushed on a clear matte poly on the whole stained area, so I could wipe the paint if I messed up. Then stenciled with basic acrylic craft paint in a sand color (white seemed too bright). The stencil was bought a few years back from Creative Arts Lifestyle. Once the doily was dry, did a coat of clear SPRAY so I wouldn’t risk smearing the doily. The next day topped it with the matte Polyurethane to finish it. Love the matte products. Now I can get it wet, and craft on it and it will cuff and age but at least not smear.




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