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The Tiny Workshop – My She Shed – Part 3

It’s been a fun week working on the tiny workshop after the husband completed the interior painting with a sprayer. Painting was my birthday gift – and it was the best gift. The gift of someone’s time and effort.

We ordered Zinser exterior paint in the 5 gallon bucket and he ran out, probably because the walls are chip board and that texture took more paint to cover. The weather was terrible! It POURED rain most of Saturday and on Sunday it continued and by then the ground was goo. It wasn’t fun but we charged on.


During little rain breaks, the shutters were hung. I made these. I can’t believe it, but I did and without help but for this great video. They’re made from my youngest son’s old bunk bed boards that supported the mattress, which I’ve been picking through for years for small projects. Nice to be able to use that wood for something. It’s finally used up.


On Monday, “we” took a little lunch break and hung up this pediment, found at Architectural Depot. I was going to paint it white, but thought it looked nicer matching the door and shutters.


The door hardware was sprayed an old gold metalic to look nicer next to the lion.


You see that black duct tape? In the moist wet days it seemed like a good idea, but NO. It pulled off the paint underneath so now I have to find a match and touch that up. Ugh, but ‘fine’.

For the hanging pendant over the table inside, a hook was needed that was long to come down from the rafter and I knew I could make a crochet hook so that’s what happened here.




Was made from a dowel. Drilled 1/2 way through a dowel then chiseled at an angle to the hole while it was in a vice, sanded and stained it. It wasn’t simple, it was trial and error and I’m sure there are youtube vids online that would be far better than how I made this. I have no patience at all, so I jumped in and got lucky on this one. I love it.

Tonight we’re going to Lowes and I’ll get wood to make a shelf for my gnomes. I haven’t mentioned the gnomes???

WELL THEN, that needs to be it’s own post. Like – TODAY! 😉



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