Still at it, but just about done

I’m really enjoying the tiny workshop!

The shed company that worked with my ideas was The Shed Depot of North Carolina, located in Sanford, NC. You can create your design on their website, and then call Tyler and he’ll help you with questions or to customize it further. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with them.

Friends and neighbors have visited, and now crafts will begin at anytime. I’m hoping for wreath making, crafts with recycled items and some stenciling projects. I think the decor just happens as I stumble upon something that seems to look better ‘out there’. I have a lot of objects collected over the years, inherited or found, that I find charming want to enjoy. Unfortunately, in a home with other people, not everyone shares my taste, but in an unshared space – I make the rules!

Here are some photos of progress of the tiny workshop. The stained glass window was easier to add than we thought. We have a heavy plexi panel in first, to protect the stained glass piece, then with rings, it hangs in place on the inside. I can easily take it down to  clean the plexi window.

(updated 5/16 because the cupola came!)

My she shed in white


Fairy & squirrel dance from The Graphics Fairy.


Oh, I found this ‘Welcome’ decal on Etsy and it was ONLY $3.35 including postage – had to have it. This one is 2.5″ x 10″ and was very easy to apply in a few minutes.

Some interior work has been going on, come on in! 

The Floor

After sanding down floor board edges that were uneven, I used an 18″ square peel and stick tile from Lowes. This floor, with sanding by hand a few floor joints, took only 2 hours to put down and use the rolling pin to push out air. That’s even with cutting some tiles  along 2 full walls, so I was very happy with it. You can see that with only 5 of these big tiles down, it’s going to go quickly. I needed 64 tiles for an 11.6 x 11.6 space and I bought one extra tile. I liked buying the 3 boxes + single pieces. That only left me with some cuts I hope to find a craft for later.

Against the recommended suggestions, I started in a corner since this side will have no furniture and to have less cuts partial tiles. Luckily, this corner out was perfectly square – whew!

I like this floor, it’s dark gray with hints of an aged blue. Looks great!

Some Guests

A few friends popped by and we had a great night. I’m not going to lie – it’s a bit of a chore carting things back and forth. But I’ll just have to get used to it.

We had some nice snacks (fruit tart from Publix) and we all had something recent to celebrate. I have no idea what sort of dessert that actually is below, maybe a tart, pie, cupcake thing. This sandwichboard/blackboard was made from a baby crib chalk painted gold with a little dry brushing and black vinyl to write on. This wasn’t blackboard vinyl and still works well with a wet cloth to clean it.

Ok, back to the inside…

Inside view

People have asked for more photos of the inside, so I took a few. I had to wedge myself into corners to get as much as I could.





Things change in here a little every few days. The weather has been nice, so no need for the little a/c unit to be up yet, but hopefully that happens while it’s not 95 out. The electricity makes this spot a haven for conveniences and people think I need a fridge. I do like it to feel more like a cabin than a house, so other than lights and temperature control, I’m not sure how much of an electric bill or modern conveniences I want out here. For now, we rough it and bring an ice bucket and cool things before hand.

Oh! I needed a little bit of mulch in the begonia planter so when it rained the soil wasn’t being lobbed onto the siding. Not enough for a big bag, but this little trick is working very well! Kids might like to do this. Just snap or cut some branches. The yard gets cleaned for mowing and the mulch is free. It was a soothing little project and I think it looks fine and it rained by no soil splashed up on the siding.

I haven’t been doing much knitting or crocheting, but here are some small mats and coasters I made from a blue wool that I had in my stash. The plates are from Pottery Barn and were on clearance for under $20 for the set.

My she shed in Raleigh, NC

A new antique shop opened down the road and I found a very vintage little handmade pantry there. I sanded it and gave it a coat of paint (leaving the imperfections so it would still look vintage). I needed it and I really like it! It’s the perfect size for cups and plates. The wine is in there to show the height but I won’t keep it stored out there, it will be too hot in the summer. Ew. The blueberry Sky was left behind by a visitor and was good with lemonade. It’s been a little risky bringing glasses from the house back and forth, so I’ll check out Pier one for some acrylic drink ware since they have a lot of it on sale right now.




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