So hot out! Let’s get a fireplace!

When the she shed arrived in April there were a few cool nights still so I brought out a space heater – which was good enough, but not great. It gets quite chilly in NC at times. so something better was needed. This building doesn’t have insulation, but it does have thick Hardie board plank siding over the wood walls and actual roofing materials so it will hold a/c or heat for a while after a unit has been turned off.

Best bet was an electric fireplace, the model is the ‘Ashley Blackwash Electric Fireplace by Real Flame’ (so many sites carry it currently so I won’t post a link) and I thought this one was good because it wasn’t very deep, it’s not permanent, the controls are all black so you don’t see them, great reviews, the firebox can be replaced easily, has a thermostat and I could also use it just for the lighting effect when heat isn’t needed. PERFECT!


I try to think of these things as ‘furniture puzzles’. I brought it down to the shed in 3 trips because it was too heavy and my hand truck tips sometimes, so I didn’t want to ding corners, even though they were in a box. It went together in 30 minutes – doing it by myself. I want to offer a tip – Don’t make anything super tight until you know it all aligns. Maybe EVERYONE knows this, but that helped me spare myself from unnecessary tears.


Have you heard of a faux crackle sound box? They sell those. I know…. crazy, and I think I may ask Santa for one just for fun. Not the best reviews though, so maybe not.

I really love it, even though it’s not real, it just feels like it belongs here…


The top hutch was from an old dresser and now holds an all-in-one pc that was having blue screen of death issues – but it’s acceptable as a TV now that all the Adobe Cloud software is off of it. This set up is going to be perfect with cider or hot chocolate and some knitting going on. I painted the silver legs on the pc black and it blends in more. I haven’t found a place for the keyboard and mouse yet.


My late mother used to make stained glass – for years – so I put some pieces out here. They’re happy in the sunlight! Many have issues like broken hangers + cracks but they’re perfectly imperfect and give me fun memories. I didn’t grow up with much, so I always have a very hard time throwing away even broken things. Instead, I try to repair or repurpose. There are worse ways to be in life, but it still makes for clutter. Things saved for decades, tucked in closets waiting for their second chance – tired, worn or broken –  seem to fit right in!


Some of Mom’s glass above and below a flatware caddy from HomeGoods for only $6.99!


Metal sings for $.99 at Versona on clearance.


From Tuesday Morning for $4.99 – LOL


A few more signs made, refurbished or rescued…

Lastly, I found this great gizmo on Amazon with a surge protector (for the pctv and fireplace) but also has these USB ports. Easily mounts on top of the existing socket, so no wiring changes. Electrical work scares me, so this was perfect. Very cool for @ $14.


One more great gizmo, a magnetic screen from ‘as seen on TV’ for @10. It lets me put up a doorway screen in 2 minutes and take it down when I’m finished. I can keep an eye on the dog (she looks sweet, but she digs), keep out the curious birds while getting some fresh air. It has velcro that stays up all the time on my doorframe (black, but I’m going to get white) and you just stick it in place while you need it then I cram it in a zipper bag when I’m done with it. So far it’s done the job well but the thing is long, so I need to trim it and then I know the magnets would close less assisted. But I recommend it if you haven’t got a screen door. It’s a lot better than nothing.


What’s next? I think it’s time to just enjoy – it’s done, right? I think so. Next up will probably be decorating for fall. Yes – Can’t wait for FALL YA’LL!

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