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After 3 months of she shed projects and terrible heat, today is a stunning day even though I’m stuck working inside. It’s nice to have this break, especially from the humidity. I woke up early, planted a boxwood and put mothballs under the she shed, since that’s what people do to ward off snakes, mice and some other varmints. I will skirt it once I find the best solution to address the sloped landscape, but until them – mothballs.

Recently purchased wool:


Made the Impossible Girl Socks by Madeline Gannon:


Also this wool to make the same socks since they fit so well:


I’ve been spending time in the she shed, especially since the WiFi reaches (yay) and now it has a lot of creature comforts like a mini fridge, a/c, tv and a comfy bench. I do some of my best work out there now. My touchscreen PC wasn’t able to load 2 Adobe products without an issue, so it was cleaned out and became a TV out there. Nice to have a touch screen tv, and it just needs to work for Amazon, YouTube and Netflix – perfect.


The new laptop makes it easy to work without issue (now that I have dual processor) and in the background I catch up on Grocery Girls podcasts (are they called podcasts anymore when they have video?) These 2 sisters are a hoot and it’s like having a knit night where everyone gets along. Very nice.


Our dog had her teeth cleaned but they gave her an IV and where they shaved her left an opening for crazy girl to lick it until it became a nasty sore. So she got the cone until she managed to get her head stuck under the bed during a thunderstorm, so I sewed her a footie pajama thing from a t-shirt to keep her from the licking. She’s got issues, like incessant licking, even in her sleep. but she’s so stinkin’ cute.


Lastly, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee  put the new season on Netflix – OMG. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have no idea how, but it totally keeps my attention and I forget about stress and, as luck would have it, impending surgeries. While waiting for my last surgery, this show got me through like Xanax. The car intro is always interesting – beautiful cars, relics, rare exotics and old buggies. The guests aren’t prepared like on a talk show, they’re just casually having coffee and conversation. I love it all. Brilliant.

Jamie Foxx is a great one. I would have trouble picking a favorite though.


Time to make yourself hand-knit socks before you need hand-knit socks!

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