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Painting an old Welcome mat

This old mat was here when we moved in years ago, but recently we had the garage painted and added new storage. This mat was set to go in the trash but since it would be in a landfill forever, I wanted to try to reuse it.


It was sure ugly! I hosed it off and checked out Pinterest to find out if I could paint it. The answer was YES! Other people had done it with acrylic paints and a clear coat, so I figured the worst thing, it might need paint again next year.

Just by using craft paints and a heavy clear matte coat it looks great!


I painted the indented areas first, then used a sponge brush for the rest by watering down the paint and doing 2 coats. It’s still just as ‘scrubby’ as before with no heavy paint. This project took @ 5 days, allowing drying times.

Cost using things I had – $0 🙂

Looks nice enough in the boring space by the back garage door. So far no one has tripped, that first step’s a doozy! We’re getting proper steps here in the fall, so we don’t use this door for safety reasons. but until the new steps are done – this cheers me up!


Pardon the mess, yard day is tomorrow but I wanted to post it now. Happy Summer~