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A Quieter Christmas

No guests. No potlucks. No parties. Hoping the new year brings new hope for better things in 2021. We’ll sure miss those we’ve lost and have a new appreciation for what we used to have.

Merry everything! Here’s a little christmas decor from around our house…

An 80s cookie jar from eBay. Score!
The festive Octoberfest pattern.
Grey is a nice Christmas color too!
Norwegian hat pattern.
A merry tea-for-one from Grace’s Teaware.
Out tree is a lifetime of no spheres, just toys and Hallmark ornaments. A new one every Christmas eve.
Only one boy is still living at home, boohoo.
Hope the dog ignores it.
I love nutcrackers! But not too big now.
Annalee soft figures from the 70s.
I designed this fireplace and my husband built the surround + mantle for me.
Maybe I have my own vineyard.

Bart was dusted off and is on display.
Zoey appreciates a fine plaid.