Rest, a very Good Friday

The company gave a surprise day off today. I’ve been so tired and in need of a PTO day, or a few, so I’m grateful for it. I slept in, ran an errand, and now am enjoying some tea in the shed.

I’ve also been watching a mama bird invade my new fern. *sigh* I’m not thrilled, but we do yield to nature here when we can. So this housefinch will live here for about a month to create life. It’s the least we can do. Right?

Speaking of nuisances, I found a listing on Facebook marketplace for carpenter bee traps. They were only 3 for $25 so bought them. One is out at the shed, where a carpenter bee visited me in there last weekend, so it seemed needed. No thanks. Sorry pal. I have it at the front door for now and will see how it goes. Then both porches have one, because the bees seem to like the railings too much. Too much damage.

Hope you’re having good days as Spring approaches!