Roses for spring

Restful weekends, catching up with home and the homies living in it. The week is busy, Sundays are for my least strenuous tasks. Today I changed sheets, made waffles, and freshened the hummingbird feeders (daily when it’s warm).

The middle of the day has been in the she shed, enjoying a cool breeze on a warm day. Here I’m reading old emails out loud to my dog, who just loves to be talked to. She is a good listener – recipes, complaints, or comments about the current events but said in a positive way – and the tail just  wags.

My devoted sidekick is always nearby.

But, about the roses.

In North Carolina you can grow roses without any effort. We cut them 12″ from the soil in fall and they look like this in the spring. We’ve propagated more and have 6 bushes now in red or light yellow. I’m thinking they are Knock Out Roses and I’d love some in pink.

Here are a few close up photos. Our yard has clover, dandelions and our leaves get munched because we’re a bee, caterpillar and butterfly friendly yard as much as possible. We mow with a high blade, to avoid cutting all of the clover and wild strawberries, and we don’t use ☠ pesticides. I use boiling water or vinegar+salt+water to kill poison ivy. So far we’re lucky, and it’s been working and nature is ever present here.

Mmmm… roses…

The Mr surprises me with morning bouquets sometimes.

Happy Sunday.