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Too hot for Irish coffee

This has been a very hot summer, record heat, so it’s a good thing my main interests are mostly indoor ones.

We have our morning gardening though and it’s good to see so many bees out there. Today, we  harvested cucumbers, tomatoes, chives to create some sort of side dish for grilled burgers.

Reaching for some seasoning, I noticed my S&Ps were empty and that started a tangent about all the shakers. Some fell victim to the humidity in the shed, so all that I own were washed and I’ll be refilling them. The colored glass is irresistible and the green and blue are my favorite, very old (100 years?). The aqua ones are new from Amazon, and way too big, and sadly nothing comes out of the holes. The pink was found in a Savannah Goodwill for $1. The match is selling on ebay for $25+, so it will remain singular.

I’m starting to think about the cooler weather of fall, so I’m trash crafting a metal peanut can for some fall pansies. So far just the painting, then I’ll visit The Graphics Fairy for something to modpodge on it.

Without breaking a sweat, I shamelessly rewarded myself by mid-day.

C’mon autumn. I’m rooting for you and the human race to bring about good things.