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Rescued furniture

I love a challenge as much as the next gal but I often over do it. I wanted to get my son a small table and chair set for his new home, which is quite old. Then we thought, it would be good to rescue something. So we went to Craigslist and found some freebies that were broken and side of road pieces and brought them back to life.

Some chairs that were worse than they looked. The seats’ screw holes were stripped because it was bad wood, so there was a total of 4 screws in 4 chairs wth only 1 corner attached on each seat. One chair was cracked in several places and we repaired that. I painted them with 3 coats of black paint and a clear coat of verathane.

I doubled the foam and cut plywood seats to replace the crumbly chipboard. I thought this was a great fabric but when it arrived it was pink. My son said he didn’t see the pink and they were fine. They are so full and very comfortable now.

The table was used as a craft table with paint and dents all over and was cut 6 inches lower than a normal table. Why?

My husband made a riser to add this 6″ back to the top of the base. And painted the base black. I scraped the old finish and paint rings off the top and stained it with Kona brown. I applied 4 coats of spray polyurethane to the top and 1 to the base and chairs. The table looks great and we closed the center permanently, since the new base is fixed.

I’ve been removing wallpaper and painting his kitchen. This had been very hard even with all the right tools. Steam, sprays, products.

After painting the walls is ready for him to move in. We dropped the table off today and ate our lunch on it and left. Hope he enjoys it for a while.