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A new hutch

Remember this little hutch above the fireplace? My son needed it back for his new place. Even though I was using it, this gives me an excuse to make some improvements to this setup.

The old setup really appealed to me.  *sigh* but the old monitor was quite small for my YouTube watching.

It was weird when it was gone.

I needed some retail therapy so first I found a large smart TV then looked for a replacement hutch every day. After a few weeks, bumped into this one.

Once it was here, we didn’t waste any time removing shelves. We could tell it was probably from the 1950-60s. It was well made though and just cottage-like enough for a gnome hangout.

After a test run, it’s ready for some scuff sanding.

Something wasn’t right with my paint, it wouldn’t stay mixed. Came close to giving up, but I’m far from stores and this one was new.

So weird. It stayed blue for a while and didn’t dry for a long time

Ended up with 3 coats.

The to dry…

I was pretty sad about losing the old hutch, but this setup is better. Looks good to me!

The Great Pumpkin sounds perfect.