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Another Cabled Hat

Don’t you just love cables? I sure do! I have no idea why either. I’ve made the Plaits and Pines hat before, so you may have seen it already in my Ravelry projects. That time I held yarn double, but never again for cables. It made things more fidgety and slowed me down a little too much. Cables already slow a project down enough – ThankYouVeryMuch.  The wool is Shalimar Yarns Breathless DK ($32 a skein!!! – crazy, but it feels like buttah in yer hands) in the color Glacier and there are 2 extra repeats to the body to make it a slouch. So the body measured 7.5 inches in the DK yarn.

This time I did a removable Pom, for easy washing. The way I make it removable, is just to keep the long piece of yarn used to secure the pm, don’t cut it – then pull each one of these pieces down through the hat in different places and tie with a tight bow inside. Untie the pom before washing, as poms often become a mess in the wash. That’s it.









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Tiny Christmas Ornament

It’s easier for me to commit to printing, painting and some minis than knitting right now with all my aches and pains, so this is a Christmas ornament for a friend.

She received it today, so I can post a photo. It’s just a painted cabinet from a craft store and I printed some tiny book covers she might like. I really need to make myself one, so I also painted a cabinet for me, but I didn’t make any books or filler for myself yet. I better hurry, since my eyes aren’t what they used to be!

Merry Christmas Amy!

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Summer Linen Destash Top

Made a top from old-weird-splitty-linen-yarn (MaggiKnits Maggi’s Linen) that I really needed to either use, or toss. No pattern, just my crazy idea, but I cleared out a good amount of drawer space in my yarn dresser. (Just in time to stash some hand dyed from a friend)

“Yarn Diet? What’s a yarn diet?” Like any diet, I just can’t seem to follow it. – LOL

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Newborn hats for photoshoots

My sister has become a photographer, so I’m trying to make sure she has some prop hats for the newborns.

So far we have these …..
(click here for my ravelry projects for patterns and yarn details)

A stocking hat with interchangeable pompoms….

A football hat for sports fans…..
and a little flower hat for girls…
plus an afghan in green. 🙂


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Wedding Ishbel for Sarah

The Ishbel by Ysolda Teague is my go-to for special occasion gift shawls. Love this pattern. Before I know it, I’m at the lace sections, so it feels quick to knit up. This one is in Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk, @880 yds. LOVE this wool, soft and pleasant, but light. Added beads to the YO’s of only the first row in each section. Then to the YO’s of all rows in the final section. Pretty.

I want to add monogram beads and will update this post after that. There’s a bead shop in town, so I’ll pop by this week.

 Beaded Shawl for a Bride

Beaded Shawl for a Bride
 Beaded Shawl for a Bride

Beaded Shawl for a Bride