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Lost Souls Shawl

This is a free pattern found on Ravelry and this one is made from Feza Softie. I love that it makes the decorative edge as you go.




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Autumn Leaves Baby Sweater

I’ve made this a few times – LOVE the pattern. Great baby gift. I found the fabric covered buttons on Etsy at HowBeadyful and they are the 1/2″ ones. Too sweet. One is a baby gift, I have the others on reserve as stand-by baby gifts I guess. Like the 2 pink ones I’ve made before, here and here. Told you I enjoyed this pattern.

These were made in various washable DK weight yarns…

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Ireland in the summer

We just returned from a bus tour and family visit in Ireland. People ask where we went, and it’s more like, where didn’t we go?

First there was some gift making for the family we would visit…

Hats and cowls for the adults:

Hackey Sacks for the kiddies:

Then we parted on a short flight to Atlanta, then an 8 hour one to Dublin.

I packed 3 projects but only finished 2. First one cast on at Fort Lauderdale Airport. The
Coin Lace and Cable Wrap by Shui Kuen Kozinski. I love this pattern because it’s not boring, but easy to remember.

That was finished around day 5. I call it “My Wild Irish Rose” because I get motion sickness and even with the Dramamine, those were some very wild rides through all those hills.

I mentioned the hills, but did I mention all the sheep?? Sheep everywhere, but I’m told they’re not for wool as much as they’re for meat. Sad, but true.

The wool in Ireland wasn’t very desirable, but I bought @10 skeins of this and that anyway. The Donegal Tweed had some beautiful colors.

First we were stopped at John O’Brien’s (near Trinity College) because we saw the shop keeper putting out yarns!…

(the bag isn’t where I bought these, but added to my first bag throughout the day)

Later, I found a few things in Blarney…

Once the bus tour was over, we had a stayover day with the family. I hadn’t seen them in @17 years and some I had never met, so that was a special treat. The handknits were enjoyed and the foods we ate that day – AMAZING! We BBQ’d on the local fare and had beers. I heard that the sausages were “gorgeous” which was a new term for me. We’re still saying it here for all our meats – “gorgeous”.

Later some Irish Coffee with delicious home made whipped cream. Just to mention, the dairy was divine there, they must have very special cows. I bought some Irish butter once back home, but it isn’t the same and my scones widen more than rise… so they’re like cake cookies. I will have to try another recipe. It’s quite humid and hot here, maybe that’s the problem.

Once we were home from the 60 degree days, back to the 90 degree ones, our A/C died and took 2 days to fix. That was miserable, but now we’re back on the path to normal – or whatever we are. 🙂