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Another Cabled Hat

Don’t you just love cables? I sure do! I have no idea why either. I’ve made the Plaits and Pines hat before, so you may have seen it already in my Ravelry projects. That time I held yarn double, but never again for cables. It made things more fidgety and slowed me down a little too much. Cables already slow a project down enough – ThankYouVeryMuch.  The wool is Shalimar Yarns Breathless DK ($32 a skein!!! – crazy, but it feels like buttah in yer hands) in the color Glacier and there are 2 extra repeats to the body to make it a slouch. So the body measured 7.5 inches in the DK yarn.

This time I did a removable Pom, for easy washing. The way I make it removable, is just to keep the long piece of yarn used to secure the pm, don’t cut it – then pull each one of these pieces down through the hat in different places and tie with a tight bow inside. Untie the pom before washing, as poms often become a mess in the wash. That’s it.









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Pinch Me

Just some pinches of cables in a delicious worsted weight wool. Just 2 skeins of Malabrigo Yarn Rios (dreamy) and this was a great project for flying and waiting around in airports. I forgot how fast worsted weight projects can be!

Cabled scarf
Reversible cables
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French Cancan, CABLES!

LOVE cables and just about anything that has them. This pretty pattern was actually fun to make. About the time you’re bored with the garter stitch body, the edging starts and it’s kind of fun to do, so it went by faster than I expected. The yarn is acrylic Kraemer Yarns Perfection DK, so it’s washable. Planning to use this as a winter bulky scarf, so I like washable and I’ll make it again, but with a nicer yarn – someday.

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Well Dressed Whiskey

We were headed to a grown-up’s birthday party, with whiskey in mind for our gift, but wanted to wrap it in a unique way. Found the Cable Knit Wine Cover and Scottish whiskey needs a sweater, in my opinion.

The first try was an off-white one from Cascade 220 “Superwash” which felted. I like to wash a gift before I give it so I know it will hold up and just to make sure it’s clean and all of that. I think this company may have changed hands or something. I love the yarn feel and colors, but the Cascade 200 Superwash ALWAYS felts on me over the last few years and it’s WAY thinner now. So I won’t be buying anymore of that.

Knit Whiskey Sweater

Second try was Red-Heart Super Saver in gold, which was fine because it actually matched the black and gold bottle. he liked it, so all was good.

As far as the felted one goes – I may use it for an eye glass case. THAT’S HOW SMALL IT BECAME!