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Tiny Christmas Ornament

It’s easier for me to commit to printing, painting and some minis than knitting right now with all my aches and pains, so this is a Christmas ornament for a friend.

She received it today, so I can post a photo. It’s just a painted cabinet from a craft store and I printed some tiny book covers she might like. I really need to make myself one, so I also painted a cabinet for me, but I didn’t make any books or filler for myself yet. I better hurry, since my eyes aren’t what they used to be!

Merry Christmas Amy!

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A Christmas Poem for Knitters

I’m not a poet, but I just wanted to share my poem. I think it sums up that rush for the finish we all seem to share this time of year.


It’s Christmas time again and thus,
the knitters all begin to cuss.

Bake the cookies and the cakes!
Cut out some paper snowflakes!
Knock those WIPs out, one by one.
This holiday goal won’t be undone!

Deck the halls and wind yarn balls,
cast off some hats – put bows on cats!
Bind off the toes with much affection,
short row shape the front main section.

Make it work, you can do it.
Find a way, just push through it!
You have support from every friend,
but if it comes down to the end…

And you are beaten by the clock,
it’s actually hip to gift one sock.


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Merry Christmas from MyDailyFiber!

I’m on a bit of a hiatus now doing other things for the holidays, like baking, decorating and traveling. Early, I know, but I don’t want to miss sending my best wishes for you and your family for a joyous season of laughter, kindness and love.

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”
Charles Dickens

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
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Florida Keys and knitting




I don’t know if people knit here because my public knitting, which not many people bat an eye to at home, has gotten some weird looks and bizarre comments. At a lunch spot, “Are you knitting? Will you teach me? I’ll call you the sweater lady.” Then from a woman down at the beach with her friend, “Is she knitting?” The other replied, “Don’t look at it. It looks too much like work.”

No matter the reaction, I knit everywhere I go because it makes me happy.