Dollhouse Miniatures

Tiny Christmas Ornament

It's easier for me to commit to printing, painting and some minis than knitting right now with all my aches and pains, so this is a Christmas ornament for a friend. She received it today, so I can post a photo. It's just a painted cabinet from a craft store and I printed some tiny… Continue reading Tiny Christmas Ornament


Creative Block

While I have my new pattern in testing, with a lovely group of people, I usually take this time to cast on something and pass the time while I wait for the suggestions and corrections to come back. I'm at a total block of what to do with myself. I straightened up my workspace little,… Continue reading Creative Block

Dollhouse Miniatures

Ridiculous levels of Mini-Dom

Something about making something small just seems whimsical and full of magic. Well once it's done maybe, but when I cast on this tiny sweater and was staring at "porcupine quills" that were the size 0 dpns jumping all around, I was nervous. Since I've always enjoyed taking crafts down to in size,  I was… Continue reading Ridiculous levels of Mini-Dom