Dollhouse Miniatures

Tiny Christmas Ornament

It’s easier for me to commit to printing, painting and some minis than knitting right now with all my aches and pains, so this is a Christmas ornament for a friend.

She received it today, so I can post a photo. It’s just a painted cabinet from a craft store and I printed some tiny book covers she might like. I really need to make myself one, so I also painted a cabinet for me, but I didn’t make any books or filler for myself yet. I better hurry, since my eyes aren’t what they used to be!

Merry Christmas Amy!


Creative Block

While I have my new pattern in testing, with a lovely group of people, I usually take this time to cast on something and pass the time while I wait for the suggestions and corrections to come back.

I’m at a total block of what to do with myself. I straightened up my workspace little, but before you pat me on the back, keep reading. I cast on some things, a crocheted hat test (confiscated), a shawl (ugly), a beaded sock (strange pooling), a sock test (broke a DPN on some stitch acrobatics I was unfamiliar with), another shawl (might be ok). At least I finished the crocheted hat test, right?

So, I baked, snacked, destashed among friends, shopped online, snacked, browsed patterns, exercised a little then snacked some more. I’m really restless during pattern testing. I’ve made 3 projects from this pattern, so how can I be so anxious? The testers have been very patient and sweet. I should relax.

I have to hang in there until next weekend, then all the notes will be in and I can make one more project from those. I have no idea if that’s the way people do it, but I like doing it this way. Makes me feel like I’ve checked as much as I can.

In the meantime, I’m doing kind of weird, but fun, things. Thanks for listening. 🙂

'Do you like my Koigu sweater?'