Yarn shopping

Did someone say – “Yarn, stash, fiber, handspun, sock, worsted, fingering, bulky, lace, cobweb, thread, or roving”? I love to shop for yarn, even when I don’t have a project in mind.

My stash is ridiculous, I know it is.

  • About 30% of it has been from gifts and swaps, so those don’t count.
  • Another 30% is sock yarn – doesn’t count either.
  • Inherited 10%  or so when a knitter passes away – I try to use this for charity.
  • Maybe 10% would be considered leftovers from finished projects
  • Remaining 20% I take full responsibility for! So, then it’s not really that out of hand at all.

If you want to discuss my stash there are 2 rules:

  1. Admiring, canoodling and squeezing are permitted and encouraged
  2. The quantity is only allowed to be mentioned in positive ways.

I shop online often, but I do love a good squeeze once in a while so then I get my fix at a few local shops. I am new to this state, so I’m still discovering where I like to go….

  • Downtown Knits – Apex, NC – I love this shop, mostly because it’s got some very interesting things and they also sell fabric.
  • Warm ‘n Fuzzy – Adorable store with friendly little dogs to greet cutomers. Always something going on here, sign up for the mailing list!

Then a few online places…

  • The Loopy Ewe – AMAZING customer service and lightning fast shipping.
  • Dizzy Sheep – One sweet deal, every day.
  • Little Knits – Oh, wow the deals!
  • Webs – Love the volume discounts when I need to make some large projects, like sweaters or gifts.
  • Smiley’s – Discounts on the everyday yarns. $50 min, but great prices for sweaters and afghans.

Where do you shop?


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