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Denim Cardigan

This has to be the most practical sweater I’ve ever made and I can’t believe the pattern was free. Yes, a free pattern. It’s perfect for work and since I went up a needle size, it truly breathes. The 3/4 sleeves with the lace ends are just a small modification since I prefer upper arm coverage if I’m chilled enough to put on a sweater. I did a single crochet around the neck as a stay stitching so it won’t stretch out hung on my office chair.

Summer Waves Cardi by Vera Sanon is a sweater I know I’ll make again.

Denim Cardigan
Denim Cardigan
Denim Cardigan, back
Denim Cardigan, back

3 thoughts on “Denim Cardigan

  1. Michelle,

    Do you have the modifications you did for the sleeves. I love the 3/4 length and the lace on the end.


  2. Sandra, I did the lace front bands first, so I would be able to know how many lace repeats would fit my forearm. Then I lengthened the sleeves to my liking, making sure my math here would match up with 5 lace repeats around, since that’s what fit my forearm. I was also decreasing evenly until I reached that number of stitches, then did the same number of lace rows as the front band, but on the sleeve ends with DPNs. Hope that’s helpful. 🙂

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