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Happy Bearthday!

We have a new baby (one of several) arriving soon in my family. I’ve never met this cousin, but we found each other on Facebook, She not only beautiful but I can just tell she’s a very good person as well. That made me want to knit for her new baby, see how that works? Time was drawing near for the birth so I suggested a hat and she agreed and thought it would be cute with bear ears on it. Too cute!

Happy Bearthday!
Happy Bearthday!

The pattern is the Pattern Cabled Teddy Hat by Marinda Lariz and I added my own ears. I crocheted the bear ears because I wanted them to look nice on both sides and stand up nice and tall. I didn’t even try the pattern ones, so I don’t know which is better. I just knew what I wanted.

Here is how you can make ears to put on any baby hat:

Leave a 6 inch tail and begin.
ch4 and dc 9x’s in first ch, ch1 and turn.
Repeat (sc, 2sc) to end, ch1 and turn.
slip stitch all the way back.
leave a 6 inch tail and fasten off.
Make 2 and sew on any hat.

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