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A year of Shawls

Year 3

12 Shawls (or more) in 2012
12 Shawls (or more) in 2012

Year 2

11 Shawls (or more) in 2011
11 Shawls (or more) in 2011

Year 1

10 Shawls (or more) in 2010
10 Shawls (or more) in 2010


3 thoughts on “A year of Shawls

  1. Hi there!!!
    I bought your pattern of blossomy scarf on Etsy.
    I’m crocheting for quiet a while now and it was one of the most clearly written instructions i’ve ever seen!!!Excellent work!!
    I just have one tiny question: On the begin motif, in row 6, between *’s…you write “make a 2 stitch shell in top of DC from previous row”.In previous row there are V shells between the clusters…no DC…Hope you reply soon.Can’t wait to make the scarf.
    Thanks in advance
    Greetings from Greece

  2. Hi Julia,

    Let me send you the updated version. I think you may have an older version. I’m sorry about that.

    The correction for that row is:
    *make a 2 stitch shell in middle of the V stitch from previous row, make a 3 stitch shell in the CH
    space in the middle of the shell from the previous row* Repeat between *’s and DC in the final DC from
    previous row.

    Thank you, Michelle

  3. Thank you Michelle….
    I tried it out myself cause i couldnt wait. I thought that was the right move.Just finished the second begin motif. I think i found a little mistake at row 11….but it was easy to figure it out.
    Thanks again!

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