Knitting · Shawls

Elf Shawl

This is the Radiance Shawlette pattern and I made it once before, but it was so small that I knew I wanted to try it again – but larger. Last the kit used a slow color change yarn (beautiful) but it was just by a hair I was able to complete it with the one skein. The ones I’ve seem made with a few skeins are STUNNING! It’s a fun pattern, but the points are done individually, so the larger you go you’ll have quite a few of them to do and those ends to weave in. I personally have no issue with weaving in ends, for me it’s sort of fun. I’ve even done it for others who hate it. Crazy – I know.

So here’s the first one, a little too small….

And the larger one. A little less impressive as one color, but I like it.

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